Fall Adventure

Some people come to our bed & breakfast in Fredericksburg to relax. Others are looking to explore! If you’re planning a trip to Fredericksburg this October, we can promise you won’t be bored. Here are some of the can’t-miss events on the calendar:

  • Oct. 2-4: 35th Annual Oktoberfest. Located in beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, TX, Oktoberfest features a wide variety of entertainment and food options that are sure to please the entire family. Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Oktoberfest festival without a selection of delicious beers. As you walk the grounds of the festival try a number of beers that were categorized as The Best of Texas including Franconia Dunkel and Infamous IPA. While you’re enjoying the suds, you can take in the unique sounds of OkTubaFest or participate in the annual Hauptstrasse Chicken Dance.
  • Oct. 9-11: Texas Mesquite Arts Festival. You might know mesquite mainly for the delicious flavor it gives meat when it’s used to barbeque. Or you might know it from the trees with the long thorns so commonly seen in the backgrounds of Western movies. But what many people do not realize is that mesquite, which is native to the Fredericksburg area, is a hardwood with a beautiful color, grain and look to it. Mesquite, which grows fast and survives in even the harshest conditions, is a “soft” hardwood meaning it’s easy to work with but incredibly durable. The Mesquite Arts Festival unites some of the finest mesquite workers and artisans in the world, and presents handmade items of all kinds, from beds and furniture to hand-turned bowls, objects of art, and small gifts and Christmas ornaments. It’s worth a stop.
  • Oct. 16-18: Texas Trade Days. This is one of the most popular local events, which brings together hundreds of vendors and craftspeople with unique one-of-a-kind wares for you to browse. The vendors sprawl across seven barns on the beautiful Sunday Farms property, with everything from clothing and jewelry to toys, collectibles, antiques, hunting accessories and ranch style furniture. When you’re ready for a break stop at the Biergarten and listen to some live music.
  • Oct. 24: Harvest Classic Motorcycle Rally. Who loves motorcycles? The folks over at Luckenbach Texas sure do and they’re ready to share! This October brings a rally of bikers, their machines, their families and everyone who’s interested in the iron steeds. You’ll get a chance to see classic bikes up close, talk to vendors and make new friends.
  • Oct. 24: Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest. It should be no surprise that locals cannot wait for the annual Food and Wine festival. Held in beautiful downtown Fredericksburg, it features full-course delights, wine samples, live music, and an unforgettable food court! Tickets ($25 for adults) include a souvenir wine glass and tickets for wine samples. You will not leave hungry.
  • Oct. 31-Nov. 1: Texas Gun & Knife Show. Texas is home to many connoisseurs of fine antique and modern firearms, swords and knives. The Texas Gun & Knife Show comes to Fredericksburg just twice a year. It’s a must stop for the serious collector!

For a complete listing of October events, check out the calendar. We hope to see you there!