Who Says It’s Dead After the Holidays?

So, you are visiting Fredericksburg, Texas in January and are wondering if there will be anything to do. True, you are coming after the holidays, so a lot of the crazy rush will be over, and maybe a bit of quiet is what you are looking for. Nonetheless, you don’t want to be bored. So what can you do while in the area? Well, the good news is that there are always going to be live music events at the bars, theatres, and dance halls in the area. Plus, the wineries are open for tastings and tours year-round. On top of these and other continuous attractions, here are some of the special events going on this January:

  1.  January 1st – Midnight Volkssport Walk — If you are going to be here for New Year’s and you like a brisk night walk, this could be the event for you. The walk starts the 31st, technically, with everyone gathering at St. Joseph’s Halle for wine, cheese, other snacks, and socializing. Promptly at midnight, you start the 5 or 10K walk that takes you through large portions of the town, offering some of the best views of celebrations and decorations
  2.  Ends January 3rd– Eisbahn Outdoor Ice Skating — Outdoor ice skating is a great way to enjoy the winter weather and get some exercise at the same time. And you will be glad to know that this event supports a good cause: cystic fibrosis and the Heritage School. The Eisbahn has been a popular one in the ten years that it has existed; however, you’ll need to hurry! It only runs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s weekend.
  3.  Ends January 15th – “Our Way of Life” Exhibit — The Pioneer Museum is hosting an exhibit until mid-January featuring the book Our Way of Life: Voices of Gillespie County in the 1970’s by Philip O’Bryan Montgomery III. This book includes interviews and images of longtime local residents, the descendants of some of the first settlers in the area and representatives of a disappearing culture. For anyone who is interested in the specific local history that makes a place what it is, this is a must visit! Starts November 15th.
  4.  Ends January 16th – Tom Lea’s World War II — The National Museum of the Pacific War is showing a collection of the art of Tom Lea, an El Paso resident and chronicler of the WWII conflict in the South Pacific. Lea studied under several prominent artists and gained recognition for his murals before being hired by LIFE magazine to cover the war. His painting “Marines Call It That 2,000 Yard Stare” has been touted as one of the most famous of WWII. If you are a big history buff, the museum itself covers a less famous part of the war, and this particular exhibit offers a unique viewpoint and sense of immediacy.
  5.  January 17th – Spectrum Winds — This performance will be held at the United Methodist Church, and features six members of the U.S. Airforce Band of the West with a focus on woodwinds and some percussion. They play a number of different styles of music, and hope to share their inspiration and fervor with audience members, and hopefully spread the word about their mission. Whether you just enjoy good music or you want to support our air force (or both!), this is the perfect opportunity to get out of your Fredericksburg bed and breakfast for a few hours and enjoy the local events!

As you can see, there’s always plenty to do in Fredericksburg, Texas. Check out our wine country cottages and haciendas at Stay Fredericksburg and enjoy your January visit!